Bearing witness to nature

As an artist I want my art to bear witness to nature, documenting her incredible beauty and power. I want to use art as a medium for tapping into the inherent beauty within us all.
Sadly the natural world is in grave danger and unpleasant as that is I am drawn to painting the natural world before it is too badly impacted and completely destroyed by the very real threat of climate change. Because we have been led astray by the short term fossil fuel profit of powerful corporations, we are going to be leaving behind a badly degraded planet as a consequence of the waste products of our civilization. Imagine the world today if we’d accepted the science of climate change seriously a half a century ago. Since then our population has grown by five billion people and consequently the problem has become a lot more difficult to solve.
But trying to appeal to people’s social responsibility is hard. So perhaps through the power of art, music and the sciences there may be more persuasive ways of appealing to people and bringing light to important issues.. We must move with determination to inform and enlighten people and speak out as loud as we can and promote healthy debate. Let’s just hope that we can leave the planet in better shape than when we came here – for the benefit of our kids and grand kids and future generations – while taking the time to treasure the gifts of the natural world. If we want to achieve peace on earth we cannot ignore climate change. It is the greatest challenge of our time and we must recognise that this is as much about human rights as it is about the environment. This threat is even more real now with the voting of the new President – elect Donald Trump. He has said he believes climate science is “a hoax” invented by China to steal jobs and has vowed to withdraw the U.S. from the landmark Paris Agreement aimed at limiting global warming. What is often overlooked in this debate is what gives meaning to life which is our connection to the natural world and our relationships to other beings. When we are deprived of these connections we become unhappy and unwell from deprivation.

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