Sacred Warrior

Ronni at Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Since the Nineties, after a deep transformative experience, Ron has dedicated himself to the study and research of consciousness, eastern philosophy, yoga and many other disciplines in his personal quest for the meaning of life.  From these experiences has come a profound understanding of the laws and conditions governing all of life as we know it.

Today people from all walks of life have benefited from his profound knowledge and wisdom and he has helped countless numbers of people understand the unseen laws of nature affecting their success in business and in their personal lives.

His coaching methodology helps people to see problems clearly and then reframe and re-contextualise their experiences, the resultant breakthroughs are merely a consequence of this decision.

His work has found an area of need for all ages of people who are desperately looking for solutions to life’s problems and who want to live a better more fulfilling life.

Conducting individual, group sessions and workshops, Ron has seen many beneficiaries of his unique methodology. The uniqueness of Ron’s approach to coaching is his genetic integration of East and West.

He has authored a book “The Way of the Sacred Warrior” that provides essential and practical tools for the journey towards a happier, fulfilled and more conscious way of living and has written many articles on lifestyle, health and healing.

If you are interested in knowing more about some of the transformative experiences of my life, here’s some information on it.

A session with Ron will simply transform the way you think and will change your understanding of the true nature of reality.

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