Ron’s Personal Story

Since the Nineties, after a deep transformative experience, Ron has dedicated himself to the study and research of consciousness, eastern philosophy, yoga and many other disciplines in his personal quest for the meaning of life.  From these experiences has come a profound understanding of the laws and conditions governing all of life as we know it.

Today people from all walks of life have benefited from his profound knowledge and wisdom and he has helped countless numbers of people understand the unseen laws of nature affecting their success in business and in their personal lives.

His coaching methodology helps people to see problems clearly and then reframe and re-contextualise their experiences, the resultant breakthroughs are merely a consequence of this decision.

His work has found an area of need for all ages of people who are desperately looking for solutions to life’s problems and who want to live a better more fulfilling life.


The following was a life changing event that happened to me that gave me a first hand encounter with neuroplasticity and which also relates to my own path as a Sacred Warrior. (Neuroplasticity is also called brain plasticity or brain malleability and is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections.  Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment)..I’d like to share my story with you.

My Personal Story

 An autumn night in Sydney in 2002 is forever etched in my memory. I was at home watching television with my family. As I attempted to get up I felt the right side of my body go limp. My right hand and leg felt lifeless and it was almost impossible to stand. We had gone out to dinner that night and my first thought was maybe it was some unusual form of food poisoning. However it turned out to be something quite different.

I ended up in hospital for several weeks and that experience took me to uncharted territory. I was experiencing a slowing down of the left hemisphere activity in the brain. This would temporarily disappear and reappear as the right hemisphere started to take over. As a consequence everything slowed down and there was a feeling of deep connectedness unlike anything I had experienced previously. It didn’t feel that there was any separation between me and the world outside me. The boundaries of the body and the outside world blended together seamlessly.

Friends and family visited me and it was clear they felt sorry for me in my predicament. But what I was experiencing was an amazing feeling of harmony and beauty. There was no feeling of stress and I felt love and respect for everyone around me: hospital staff, nurses, and fellow patients.

Occasionally the left hemisphere would kick in and then I had many questions about life in the future like – how would I cope with life in a wheelchair, how would bills get paid, would I ever be able to drive a car again, play a musical instrument or a game of tennis. Then the right hemisphere would kick in again I would once again be in this beautiful peaceful state and the world seemed perfect just the way it was.

Spending time in the hospital was an experience of being like a little child all over again. I had lost significant movement on the right side of my body and was told that I had had a stroke. There would be many months of physiotherapy and that began with being given little games to play and child-like puzzles to solve. It was a year before I could drive a car. Weeks after the stroke I walked into the local department store to buy something but my mind could not comprehend this normal activity. I needed to identify a particular aisle to get what I needed to buy but I stood in the aisle for what seemed like several minutes as everything seemed to be connected and I could not separate that connectedness from identifying a particular aisle. The changes of perception kept coming without warning in unlikely situations and the capacity to operate effectively in the world of ordinary experience required considerable effort and adjustment. But it also seemed that when the usual motivations of life were non-existent, life was really easy – there was no desire as it was perfect just the way it was.

Slowly things started to improve as the new neural circuits that had been rebuilding themselves kicked in. I spent many months in rehabilitation. I was a musician who had lost his fine motor skills and it was only years later that I fully recovered. I started playing my musical instruments again and slowly the skills came back. I believe the key was refusing to believe the worst and, like a young child, I was learning to do everything all over again step-by-step.

What seemed to be happening was that the ego was surrendering and giving into something bigger.  When your left hemisphere is dominant you become a single individual separate from everyone, separate from the flow. The more we tap into the right hemisphere the more peace and love we project onto the world. Our world also becomes more peaceful and from there comes a realisation of what life can be like and how sharing this message can help others who want to listen.

As I journeyed forward, what I had experienced back in 2002 would become the inspiration for the concepts I later developed for the Sacred Warrior. I now knew that every moment forward was unknown. It seemed that the Universe would hold its breath and we have a choice, instant by instant, which pathway to follow. Every act, thought and choice adds to a permanent mosaic; my decisions would ripple through the universe of consciousness and would affect the lives of all. How best to move forward. It needed re-contextualising and a harnessing of the best possible tools I could find with an awareness of integrity, patience, courage and love.  This would unlock the innate capacity we all possess for health, well-being and prosperity. My recovery was helped through an integrated practice of breath work, meditation, music therapy and lifestyle changes and as I progressed I knew that it would then provide a road map to a freer life for anyone who wished to take the journey. All that was required was a letting go of the past experience of life and being open and receptive to the new world that would open up.

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