More about the Sacred Warrior

There is an ancient legend that has its origins in the East that talks about the kingdom of Shambhala that disappeared from the Earth many centuries ago after a certain point was reached and the entire society had become enlightened.  The entire kingdom had vanished into the higher celestial realms. While it may not be possible to prove the existence of the kingdom of Shambhala or the origins of this story it is still possible to see in this legend the expressions of a deeply rooted and very real human desire for a good and fulfilling life. In fact among many teachers of the wisdom path there has been a long tradition that regards the kingdom of Shambhala, not as an external place, but as the ground or root of wakefulness and sanity that exists as a potential within every human being. From this point of view it is immaterial whether Shambhala existed or not and whether it is fact or fiction, instead a higher appreciation and emulation of the ideals of an enlightened society are much more important, and forms the basis of the philosophies of living and practices that are presented. The vision of an enlightened society is that tradition, culture, wisdom and dignity can be experienced in the here and now. They are all qualities that are best expressed in one’s family situation which is the basis of an enlightened society and when one gets this right expansion to the outside world is easier.

The essence of the ancient teachings are that there is a basic human wisdom that can help to solve the world’s problems. The wisdom does not belong to any one culture, tradition or religion rather it is a tradition of sacred warriorship that existed in many cultures and at many times throughout history. The legendary kingdom was a source of learning and culture and a place of peace and prosperity and was governed by wise and compassionate rulers. The citizens were equally kind and learned so we can see that the kingdom was indeed a model society. It was also said that Buddhism played an important role in the development of the society and Buddha had given the first king of the kingdom advanced teachings which are considered to be among the most profound wisdom teachings in Buddhism. The core of the teachings was the practice of meditation and the path of loving kindness and concern for all beings. This path ensued that not just the rulers but the subjects of the kingdom become highly developed people.

The way of the sacred warrior is the potentiality of us all to be enlightened and to live in an enlightened society. If we want to help the world we all have to make the personal journey so it is up to us to find the meaning of an enlightened society and the ways it can be realized. It is my hope that these writings, knowledge and insights can contribute to this discovery of secular enlightenment that is possible without the need for religion. In the chaotic world we live in it seems important to follow simple guidelines and non- sectarian ways to work with others.

The word “warrior” literally means “one who is brave” and the key to warriorship is courage. This is our time to leave our mark on the world and show that we were here at this time and we cared and it takes courage which is a special human quality that profoundly alters the experience of self and is actually the onset of empowerment. Before the onset of courage the world is seen as hopeless, sad and frightening. The level of courage implies the willingness to try new and challenging things and one is able to cope with and handle life effectively. It is the most critical step in the way of the sacred warrior and its concordant evolution of human consciousness.

​With the decisive choice to step up to this level comes the ability to now accept responsibility and then become accountable for one’s decisions and actions. There is a shift from being dominated by primitive emotions or self -serving emotionality that previously resulted in distorted reasoning and action. Courage brings inner confidence and a greater sense of personal power because it is not dependent on external factors or results. There is a greater sense of inner freedom due to the relief from guilt and fear. But although courage is both recognized and rewarded by society, the social approval becomes only secondary, for the sacred warrior knows that whilst possible to fool the world but not oneself. Temptations to violate integrity for gain are also recognized and rejected by the warrior whereas before the onset of courage they would have been rationalized for the quick payoff of gain with no regard or thought for consequences. Courage doesn’t mean absence of fear but exemplifies the willingness to surmount it, which when accomplished reveals hidden strength.

Everyone is a potential Sacred Warrior and all that is required of them is the focus and commitment to take the journey. It is a journey of consciousness through dense matter and the freeing of others from different levels of suffering. Enjoy the way as the answers are there for those who truly want the experience and listen and learn. Daily life becomes your arena. Now is the time for your lessons and the journey to higher consciousness can become your purpose,

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