Ronni’s Art

Art as a witness for nature

As an artist I want to bear witness to nature, capturing her incredible beauty and power.

 I want to use art as a medium for tapping into the inherent beauty within us all.

The Environment we rely on for our daily survival shapes how we view and interpret the world around us.  And in turn, the art we create from nature’s inspiration also becomes part of our personal and cultural identity. By conserving nature, we are helping nurture our artistic spirit ensuring that future generations will continue to find inspiration in the natural world.

Sadly the natural world is in great danger and I am drawn to painting the natural world before it is impacted and destroyed by climate change which is real it is happening now. Because we have been led astray by short term fossil fuel profit we are going to be leaving behind a  heavily degraded planet as a consequence of the waste products of our civilization.

As an artist I like to explore and illuminate issues of social change and see my art as a more socially engaged practice that shows how humans coexist and engage with the environment.

Trying to appeal to people’s social responsibility is hard. So perhaps through art there may be a more persuasive way of appealing to people. I believe we all have to speak out about these issues as loud as we can promote healthy debate and take action immediately.

Scientists who have looked at the earth from space  see that the world’s atmosphere is very fragile and thin  – like a tiny onion skin around the earth. The air we breathe is not very much so we have to be very aware of this fact. Everything we burn goes into it our common home which has fallen into serious disrepair.

What we have to aim for is leaving the planet in better shape than when we came here for the benefit of our children and grandchildren and future generations.

Long before modern neuroscience, artists have been creating works to inspire their fellow human beings and today complex brain imaging scans can show us just how music and art changes brain physiology. Contemplation, observing, and taking in beauty and the sound of beautiful music all stimulate pleasure centres within the brain. This can lead to an elevated state of consciousness, well being, and better emotional health and making art can be viewed as a spiritual discipline requiring incredible devotion.

My paintings (oil on canvas) are inspired by the belief that the natural world and the environment are strong and active forces in our lives and we are not separate from nature but connected to it They try to capture the beauty, fragility, resilience and mystery of the natural world as nothing supports nourishing the heart and mind like the beauty, tranquillity, and silence of the natural world.  This is what my work is about its an expression of caring about nature and the environment and creating beauty in the face of destruction of the environment.

I like to paint the moods of the Australian coastline and landscape with layer upon layer of oil from a range of perspectives