Unique Coaching Sessions

About Ron’s Unique Coaching Sessions

  • Consultations for individuals and groups
  • Utilising the power of the mind for greater effectiveness.
  • Principles of centred relaxation
  • Stress management and effective techniques to counter Depression
  • Management of relationships for harmony and happiness
  • Developing your intuition
  • Health, wealth and prosperity
  • Realising your goals
  • Becoming the master of your life

Today the coaching model has emerged from a synthesis of many fields including training, adult learning, consulting, counselling, the human potential movement, psychology etc.,  hence different methodologies abound.

I began coaching in the nineties and at the time there weren’t any training programs about. But I had a background in counselling and I focused on this area until a transformative experience occurred at the turn of the century that was to turn my life around. Amongst the many changes that came about was a deep desire to change my own life and then help others. Several things touched me in a way that made me realise how fragile life is – here this moment and gone the next. It came with an urgency to help others connect with their true power and a message that the answers help and guidance is available to all if they seek it.

Fundamental to the answer is a necessity to look at how the brain operates;  my personal experiences may help to explain it better.

A Brain-based approach to Coaching

The brain has two hemispheres or cerebral cortices. They are completely separate from one another but communicate with each other through the corpus callosum, made up of over three hundred million nerve fibres. It helps both sides of the brain coordinate movement, but other than that they are separate with both hemispheres having different functions. (The latest scientific data tells us that the corpus callosum is actually different in musicians, particularly in instrumentalists who started musical training early in life). We also know now that learning to play an instrument early on can actually give a person cognitive advantages and there are parts of the brain that responds to music and not language. Read more about this on my page ‘Know Music’.  Medical science today confirms that that the brain of a musician is physically different and some areas of the cortex the outer area of the brain are thicker with people who have had musical training.

The Right and Left Brain

The right hemisphere is about the present moment and being right here and now. It thinks in pictures and learns through the movement of our bodies. We feel a connectedness to the Universe or something bigger than our small self through our right brain consciousness. Listening to music and in a language foreign to us is a right brain function.

The left hemisphere thinks lineally and methodically. This part of the brain is about the past and the future. It takes all the information of the present moment details and organises them. It thinks in a language it understands and is a calculating sort of intelligence and views the world as separate from itself.

When one is left hemisphere dominant you are a single individual separate from everyone, separate from the flow. The more we tap into the right hemisphere the more peace and love we project into the world and the more peaceful our world becomes  and from there comes a realisation of what life can be and how it can be made useful in sharing the message with whoever wants to listen.

The outcome of coaching – Self Mastery

People often ask what is the outcome of coaching and the answer is simple; it is self mastery. True power and mastery is the power to influence and change the world whilst living a simple, intelligent and experientially rich existence.

This is the dream of the philosopher and the visionary.

The Tao Te Ching and How Things Happen

The Tao Te Ching explains an evolving force that operates throughout the Universe and it describes the personal power that comes from being in step with the Tao. TaoTe Ching means the book (Ching) of How (Tao) Things happen or work(Te). This slim book of about five thousand words written by Lao Tzu, forms the foundation of classical Chinese philosophy and is recognised as it’s best loved book of wisdom.

Lao Tzu lived twenty six centuries ago and crafted the Tao Te Ching, directing it toward those individuals who were in a position to guide others and influence society. The basis of self mastery as told by Lao Tzu then is essentially this, discover who you are. Learn to sense the world around you directly, and contemplate your impressions deeply. Do not rely on ideologies, because to do so will rob your life of meaning and make you unfit to lead. Cultivate and make trustworthy your intuition, because a leader who is not intuitive cannot predict change.

Practice Simplicity

Use attitude instead of action, and lead others by guiding rather than ruling. Practice simplicity. Individuals who practice simplicity cannot be used, they carry very little baggage and they already have everything they need. An attraction to simplicity is essentially an attraction to freedom.

Lao Tzu realised that the physical laws of the universe directly affect the ways that individuals tend to behave and societies tend to evolve. To comprehend these laws could give a leader the power to bring harmony to the world. Just as a spring follows winter in nature,  growth follows repression in society.  Much of our power is wasted in propping up our beliefs, defending them and convincing others to believe in them as the exclusive agency of truth so that they might become “permanent”.

“Of what I know. I have told you only a little… and why have I not told you the rest?  Because it would not help you to Nirvana” said the Buddha

Base decisions on a dynamic, evolving reality

Once we understand our limitations, we gain power by using the evolution in nature to our advantage, accepting, incorporating, and supporting change when and where it wants to occur. Life becomes a dance as we allow the flow to express through the constantly changing steps, we align ourselves to the evolutionary process. Our cooperation with the forces in nature makes us a part of these forces. Our decisions become astute because they are based on a dynamic evolving reality, not on fixed or wishful thinking. We are able to see things that others might not see because the reach of our minds is extended through our lifestyle practices.

We develop visions and we create the future with the power of our vision. We recognise and are in touch with the law of cycles, or the ebb and flow in life. This recognition and application enables us to have greater and greater prosperity and success. So often people push ahead against the timing of events, this eventually only leads to greater and greater resistance and finally to collapse.

Taoism is a way of understanding the universe and is not based faith , it is based on experience. The human mind is evolving, while all social systems are temporary experiments. Relying on systems of understanding created or interpreted by others will dull the instincts and prevent individuals from cultivating and expanding their own minds. Power will not develop in individuals who allow doctrine and dogma to stand between them and direct personal knowledge of the universe. Lao Tzu believed that an individual life contains the whole universe, but when individuals develop fixations about certain parts of life, they become narrow and shallow.

The Tao Te Ching is written on many levels. There is a level waiting just below the one you currently understand. The deeper you penetrate, the more power you develop individually and the more potential you have for influence in the world.

Claim your True Power

It is our choice to claim our true power at any time. If one is not ready then it is important to be grateful to our teachers and coaches for the guidance given to develop, research and experiment whilst developing ones self. Our school of coaching, then, has no real entry or graduation ceremony. You enter and proceed at your pace and you graduate yourself when you are ready. This differs from the schools of modern education where people think they have acquired knowledge when they graduate, but all they have learned is technique and not the way of life. Most modern schools and methodologies contribute to the production of slaves, whereas coaching with Ron has the potential to change slaves into masters and helps people to be free and happy.

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